Mission Statement

“..it’s the right thing to do!”

Resilient System (RS) Collaboration’s mission is to collaborate, facilitate, educate and practically implement through strategic collaborations the evolving norms on Corporate Citizenship and Business and Human Rights and importantly act as a TRUSTED ADVISOR. A Resilient System (RS) is defined as the capacity of a system to continually change, that is evolve and adapt, yet remain within critical thresholds - that includes individuals, organisations and companies.

Who am I

I am Ruby Sandhu a retired senior lawyer, prior partner of international and city law practices with a client base and network which is global. As a retired lawyer I am able to provide advice from the space of a trusted advisor and beyond that of a prescriptive approach of the law. I am also a trained and accredited mediator and I teach and assess at one of the leading schools in London as well as teaching programs on Sustainability and Business and Human Rights.

What do I do

RS Collaboration works within the nexus of and including with Corporations, Advisors, Consultants, Governments and NGOs and is known for taking on a collaborative approach and as a trusted advisor to provide sustainable solutions in the areas of Business and Human Rights, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Sustainability.

My unique offering

Trust and relationships are important to me. I do not apply prescriptive approaches to problems and neither do I rehash the old way of doing things. I pioneer and set trends and work as a TRUSTED ADVISOR

My work is my passion

I work with a diverse range of clients including Governments, Multinationals, iNGOs, charities, individuals and HNW around the world and there. There is no such thing as a difficult problem. My work is to lead and implement on projects which work in frontier, emerging and developing markets and encompass Sustainability and Business and Human Rights. I have worked on impossible difficult mandates requiring thinking outside of the box and I have brought in experience away from the usual organisational silos and built on my experience in international human rights law, corporate commercial law, mediation and sustainability to provide sustainable and comprehensive solutions.

Countries that I have worked in

Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Singapore, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Brussels, France, Geneva, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, India, Thailand, Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Portugal, Italy, Cameroon, Eritrea.


I invest heavily in pro bono and charitable work including as an animal rights advocate. I am an active trustee, tutor and assessor of the Society of Mediators, active Vice Chair of SIHRG and prior a member of the Law Society of England & Wales Business and Human Rights Advisory Group and International UNICEF committees. I enjoy extreme sports and yoga.


  • Senior Lawyer and retired Partner
  • Non practising Solicitor of the Senior Court of England and Wales (2002)
  • Mediator, licensed and accredited with advanced skills, tutor and assessor and Trustee (2011)
  • Tutor and Assessor Society of Mediators 2013-Present
  • Elected member of the Law Society’s Business and Human Rights Group (BHRAG)
  • Elected Vice Chair of the Solicitors International Human Rights Group (SIHRG) 2010-Present
  • Facilitator Training and Organisational Change Management & Law Society CPD accredited
  • Prior Committee member of the Animal Farm Sanctuary and UNICEF
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Art